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Select Tuesday Mornings: 10-11:30am

Service Description

Upcoming Offerings: July 30th August: 13th & 27th Are you ready to move beyond your "story" and courageously step into creation and manifestation of your soul's truest desires? Empowering ALL of who you already are? You're invited to join us on select Tuesday mornings to share in Community & Tea in the sacred EES space. Our focus will be to gather together with our awareness resting in our Divine Heart Space and filling it with our Pure Love. This special time spent together can include gentle breathwork, guided meditation/visualization and sacred silence. Organic Spirit Healing Tea will be provided, or you are welcome to bring a warm beverage of your choice. Becky Britt, an Intuitive Empath will be showering these special gatherings with her brilliance of Star Language Activation Blessings. Group & individual energy blessings are available. A separate Love Offering for Becky's offering is never expected, but always appreciated. "I have been Gifted with the Knowingness that the Star Language that I share comes through in various frequencies. When I share a Star Language Blessing it is shared in a specific frequency to the person receiving the Energy. The frequency energy resonates for them to assist and support the person to reconnect with the aspect of themselves which they have drawn to them at that moment within their hearts. It is not mine to interpret. It is always specific to the person receiving, In a group, this Energy is delivered the same, each person receives what is theirs to receive in that moment. The activations are delivered through Divine Pure Love, gratitude, Honor from the Heart of my Being, and with deep humility." In excitement to share, Becky

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are required 24 hours in advance. After two late cancellations and/or no-shows, members will be required to pay in advance for their services. For your convenience, cancellations must be done by logging into your account through our website or calling/texting: 720.441.4838. We do not accept cancellations through voicemail or email.​

Contact Details

  • Castle Rock, CO, USA


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