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Welcome to Rising Phoenix

Together we will rise from the ashes of, disharmony, dis-ease, injury, whatever type of self-healing you are seeking. Just like a strong Phoenix Bird, we will take back our power and we will fly!

The Evolution of Rising Phoenix

Katie Ruekert
Custodian of the EESystem in Castle Rock, CO

Katie and her family have lived in Castle Rock, Colorado since 2010. From a young age, she has always been drawn to a life of health and wellness. Katie is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. As a long time yogi, she received her Yoga Instructor Certification in 2019, and holds a deep passion for guiding gentle, yin and restorative yoga classes. Katie plans to bring yoga offerings to Rising Phoenix in combination with the hyper healthy environment of the EESystem to enhance the healing miracles that are waiting for you.

In 2011, Katie’s world turned upside down when she was handed a label of muscular dystrophy (MD). Despite the medical system telling her there is no treatment or cure for MD, Katie set out to help find one. She created and led the first of its kind local fundraiser to help bring about community and awareness for the type of MD she and countless others experience. Living with a chronic dis-ease can be a

lonely journey, and Katie’s vision was to create a safe space where others felt seen, heard and filled with a renewed sense of faith. The fundraiser was a huge success and inspired others from across the nation living with this form of MD, to start their own local fundraiser. Katie partnered with a non-profit organization and assisted others with the tools she had developed so they too could lead a fundraiser in support of MD with success. This once little Castle Rock, Colorado fundraiser is now a signature event that spreads coast to coast each September, and is now in its 8th year! 

As powerful and life changing as this fundraiser was and still is to this day for all involved, there was something else calling Katie, something from deep within her. In 2019, she had an immense divine awakening, and it was in that moment that she made the choice to take back her power. A power that had belonged to her and that she had unknowingly given away to fear. Katie has been on an exploration of truth seeking and self-healing ever since. 
Katie’s first experience in an EESystem was June 2022. She set her intentions for healing and said all her prayers to receive miracles, and fully surrendered to whatever was going to show up for her.  It was during this first 2-hour session that she received the intuitive hit that she would be bringing an EES center to Castle Rock, CO. “Well, that was definitely something I was not expecting,” she recalls. She returned to the EES twice more, two weeks apart and received the same message each time. 

Eventually, the voice of her own soul became so loud, and Katie decided to courageously take a leap of faith and answer this call to action. It is her divine signature to help humanity remember that they hold the power to self-heal, and she is honored to walk along this healing journey with all of you.

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Our Space

Your experience will begin by finding your sacred center with a breath-taking view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from within our EES room. As you softly settle into one of our comfy power recliners or zero gravity chairs, you'll melt into a 5-10 minute guided relaxation practice to ground your energy as you slowly unravel yourself from the external world. Gently pulling your awareness back to your body and returning to your breath, your life force energy, before drifting off into complete wholeness. All while holding the deep remembrance that your body wants to be in coherence.



"I feel terrific today! Did a yoga class and was ready to go. There was no stiffness, and my body and I were ready to take on the world!"

Claudia U., Rising Phoenix Energy Enhancement Center, Castle Rock, CO

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