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Laser Cleanse Detox Foot Treatment

Following your EES Session

Service Description

Rebalance your Body in 30 Minutes During your EES session, the first thing your body wants to do is clean house, and cellular detox occurs at an accelerated rate. To assist these released toxins out of your body, it's imperative to take detox bath or foot bath within 24hrs of your EES session. Uplevel supporting your detox with an advanced foot bath using cold laser therapy (red light therapy) to assist your body with opening up your cells for a 60% increase in toxic release following your EES session. Unreleased toxins can lead to detox symptoms: headache, fatigue/sluggishness, feeling flu-like, overall feelings of heaviness etc., and therefore create a slower process in reaching optimal health. Starting at $40 Treatment takes 30 minutes for adults following your EES session. The Laser Cleanse is Wonderful for Kids & Dogs too! Kids & Dogs: $20 Children under 16 years of age & dogs, only require 15 minutes or less.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are required 24 hours in advance. After two late cancellations and/or no-shows, members will be required to pay in advance for their services. For your convenience, cancellations must be done by logging into your account through our website or calling/texting: 720.441.4838. We do not accept cancellations through voicemail or email.​

Contact Details

  • Castle Rock, CO, USA


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